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Paint/stain Prep

Embarking on a painting or staining project? Look no further than Tocci Exteriors' paint and stain prep service to set the stage for a flawless finish. Our service is meticulously crafted to facilitate the process by efficiently removing old layers of paint or stain, ensuring a smooth and even application of the new coat.

Our Comprehensive Services:

  • Advanced Pre-Treating Solution: Our skilled team utilizes an advanced pre-treating solution that's specially designed to break down and loosen old layers of paint or stain. This solution works its magic, making it easier to remove the existing coating and prepare the surface for a fresh start.

  • High-Pressure Precision: We employ high-pressure techniques to delicately strip away old paint or stain layers. This precision ensures that your surface is thoroughly prepared without causing any damage or compromising its structural integrity.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By entrusting us with your paint and stain prep needs, you're saving both time and money. Our method streamlines the process, eliminating the need for excessive scraping and sanding and allowing your new coat to adhere perfectly.

Why Opt for Tocci Exteriors:

  • Expertise at Your Service: With a wealth of experience in exterior projects, our team understands the nuances of preparing surfaces for a fresh finish. Our techniques are honed to perfection, guaranteeing outstanding results.

  • Attention to Surface Integrity: We understand the importance of preserving your property's surfaces. Our approach is gentle yet effective, ensuring that the underlying structure remains unharmed.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: By starting with a meticulously prepared surface, you're setting the foundation for a stunning final result. Your new coat of paint or stain will have the ideal canvas to shine.

Elevate Your Paint or Stain Project:

Tocci Exteriors' Paint and Stain Prep service is not just about removing old layers; it's about creating the perfect surface for your creative vision. Bid farewell to time-consuming and labor-intensive prep work. Embrace a more efficient and professional approach that paves the way for a flawless finish. Contact us today to schedule your paint or stain prep session and experience the transformation that a well-prepared surface can bring.

$0.50 Starting Price per Sq. Ft.

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